Ginger Beer 1

1. Granulated sugar, twenty-eight pounds; water, one barrel; yeast, one pint; powdered ginger (fine), one pound; essence of lemon, one-half ounce; essence of cloves, one-quarter ounce. To the ginger pour half a gallon of boiling water, let stand for fifteen or twenty minutes; dissolve the sugar in two gallons of water. Pour each of these into a barrel half filled with cold water, then add the essence of lemon and cloves and the yeast. Let stand for half an hour, when the barrel should be filled with warm water. When sufficiently fermented, generally in the course of a few hours, bottle and cork tight.

Ginger Beer 2

2. Crush sixteen ounces of the best ginger, and put it in a large tub; boil ten gallons of water and pour thereon; add six pounds best white sugar, one ounce cream of tartar; and one ounce tartaric acid; stir the whole up with a stick till the sugar is dissolved; allow it to stand till sufficiently cooled, then add one pint brewers' yeast; stir this in, let it stand for twelve hours, or until a scum forms on the top, then drain it off; add one ounce of soluble essence of lemon, clarify, bottle and tie down.

Ginger Beer 3

3. Ten gallons water, one ounce tartaric acid, eight lemons, sliced thin; two pounds ginger root, powdered; two ounces cream tartar; one pint yeast; ten pounds sugar. Proceed as above.

Ginger Beer 4

4. White sugar, ten pounds; lemon or lime juice, ten fluid ounces; honey, one-half pound; bruised ginger, twelve ounces; water, ten gallons. Boil the ginger in a few gallons of the water, then add the sugar, the juice and the honey, with the remainder of the water, and some yeast. The addition of some soluble essence of lemon is an improvement. Better or cheaper products are made by adding, omitting or varying ingredients to suit.