The agreeable aroma of the fruit juices is considerably animated by the addition of a small quantity of acetic ether or some of the artificial fruit essences named in this work. The flavor will be more pronounced. For instance, to strawberry juice or essence, say to one gallon, add about one-half drachm of acetic ether, or one to two drachms of artificial strawberry essence, or add both; to raspberry add the artificial raspberry essence, to pineapple the artificial pineapple essence, etc., besides or without the acetic ether as preferred. The addition of about one-half drachm of essence of vanilla will be a still further improvement. The finest essences are stored for some time before they are used, and improve very considerably by age.

Utilizing The Fruit Pulp

The remaining pulp after preparing fruit juices, or that left by expressing the fruit essence, may be macerated with alcohol (the latter pulp the second time) and the liquid distilled, producing a weaker essence for flavoring purposes or for improving various other essences or beverages. It remains yet a suitable material for manufacturing vinegar; if not treated as above it is even valuable for the latter purpose, producing a fine aromatic vinegar.

Artificial Flavorings

By this is meant a flavor or combination of flavors made from materials or products - themselves a compound - the result of which is a flavoring which will closely resemble the flavor of the oil or juice of the natural fruit.