This set is made of iron or copper. Each fountain is provided with a carbonate-filled gas washer. The lining is of pure tin in heavy seamless sheets. All the attachments, described with the set illustrated in Fig. 144, are also attached to this apparatus. The apparatus may consist of one, two or more fountains.

Matthews Carbonating Apparatus 185

The large sizes of this generator, Fig. 191, are used by wholesale manufacturers of soda water, who charge fountains for stores, while the smaller sizes are used by druggists and others who manufacture for their own use. With two or more portable fountains on frames, this generator constitutes a complete carbonating apparatus, adapted for druggists' or confectioners' use. Two different styles of this generator are made, all lined with lead: the iron generator, and the copper generator, with all accessories, as on the large sets of apparatus.

Fig. 190.   Matthews' Intermittent Apparatus

Fig. 190. - Matthews' Intermittent Apparatus.

Fig. 191.   Matthews1 Horizontal Acid Feeding Generator with Purifier

Fig. 191. - Matthews1 Horizontal Acid-Feeding Generator with Purifier.

Fig. 192.   Sectional View of Matthews' Vertical Carbonate Feeding Generator with Portable Fountain

Fig. 192. - Sectional View of Matthews' Vertical Carbonate-Feeding Generator with Portable Fountain.

This apparatus, Fig. 192, consists of a carbonate-feeding generator, one or more portable fountains and a frame or rocker for agitating the fountains. It is used chiefly by druggists and confectioners, who dispense the carbonated waters from the counter. The large sizes are for wholesale dealers who supply stores with beverages in fountains. Special instructions how to charge and operate this generator are already given to Fig. 156, on page 255, to where we refer.

An extra gas washer, "Fig. 193, is often desired, and is very useful where a high grade of purity of the gas is the carbonator's aim.