When saccharine beverages are required, it is necessary to have a pump or syringe for injecting the syrup previous to charging with carbonated water. The appended illustration shows a combination for syruping and filling that answers the purpose.

Fig. 308.   Syphon Filler and Strup Injector

Fig. 308. - Syphon Filler and Strup Injector.

Fig. 309.   Syrup Syringe

Fig. 309. - Syrup Syringe.

Fig. 310.   Syrup Injector

Fig. 310. - Syrup Injector.

The injector consists of a glass vessel for holding and measuring the syrup, two circular vessels for storing the carbonic acid gas, and a suitable tap to work the whole. It is fitted to syphon-filling stand, as shown in the cut.

This illustration (Fig. 310) represents a separate syrup injector, as employed in France. After the required quantity of syrup has been injected by this apparatus the syphon is transferred to the syphon-filling machine and there filled in the ordinary manner.