1. Steamed.

a. With skin.

b. Without skin.

2. Boiled.

a. With skin. 6. Without skin.

3. Baked.

a. With skin.

b. Without skin. II. Potatoes, not whole.

1. From raw potatoes.

a. Sliced and escalloped.

b. Cut in cubes and stewed.

c. Cut in slices or fancy shapes and fried.

2. From cooked potatoes.

a. Mashed.

(a) From boiled potatoes, plain or browned on top. (6) From baked potatoes, seasoned and served in shell.

b. Creamed. From either cold boiled or baked potatoes; the latter are better.

c. Saute.

(a) Sliced and browned.

(b) Hashed and browned.

If you know some other method, see if you can fit it into this grouping.