Ingredients. Potato Milk Flour Butter Salt

Celery stalks, cut small Onion, chopped Pepper, Cayenne

1 cup

1 quart

1 tablespoonful

1 tablespoonful

2 teaspoonfuls 1 teaspoonful

1 tablespoonful To taste.


If a thicker puree is desired, use more of the mashed potato. If celery salt is used, omit one teaspoonful of the salt. Less onion may be used, and the pepper omitted.


Make the list yourself, after reading the directions for mixing.

Method Of Mixing

Boil and mash the potato, or use cold mashed potato. Heat the milk in the double boiler with the celery and onion. Add the milk gradually to the mashed potato, beating vigorously.

Put this mixture through a strainer into the double boiler, and reheat it. Melt the butter in a small saucepan, or stir in the flour, add slowly half a cup of the soup to the butter and flour paste, and then pour this slowly into the mixture in the double boiler, stirring all the time. The soup will be ready to serve in about ten minutes.

The important point in this recipe is the quality of the mashed potato. It should be dry and light. It may be made from hot, mealy baked potatoes. If cold mashed potato is used, this should be made light again with a fork. An excellent luncheon dish. Will serve four to six people.