Tomato juice





Bicarbonate of soda

Pepper, Cayenne

1/2 cup

1 quart

2 tablespoonfuls 2 tablespoonfuls 2 teaspoonfuls

1/2 teaspoonful To taste.


Celery and onion may be added, but are not necessary. When you become expert, you will be able to use a larger amount of tomato juice, and even omit the soda.

Method Of Mixing

This you will be able to work out for yourself. First perform this simple experiment. Stir together a tablespoonful of stewed tomato and a tablespoonful of milk. What happens? Heat this mixture. What further do you notice? How may you best extract the juice from the tomato? You have noticed the effect of the acid tomato upon the milk. The soda is added to partly counteract this effect. Will you stir the soda into the tomato juice or into the milk? Will you stir the tomato juice into the milk, or the milk into the tomato juice? Will you cook the mixture at all? How long before serving will you mix the two? When will you add the butter and flour?

Laboratory Management

An individual portion of soup may be made with 1/2 cup of liquid, but it is better to allow 1 cup when possible to each pupil, or two pupils may work together.

The important point in this soup is to prevent the curdling, so you safeguard the milk at each step.

Croutons may be served with any of these soups.