Ingredients. Tomatoes Green pepper Vinegar Sugar Salt Clove Cinnamon Allspice Nutmeg

12, medium sized and ripe 1, finely chopped

2 cups

3 tablespoonfuls

1 tablespoonful

2 teaspoonfuls 2 teaspoonfuls 2 teaspoonfuls

2 teaspoonfuls grated


Peel tomatoes and slice into a preserving kettle. Add other ingredients and heat to the boiling point. Cook slowly two and one half hours. Pour into preserve jars and seal.


1. What is the distinction between fruits and vegetables?

2. How does the composition of apples compare with that of carrots ?

3. Contrast the nutritive values of celery, potatoes, and old beans.

4. What other foods must be served with potato to make a meal complete?

5. How may we best retain the mineral matter of vegetables in cooking ?

6. Is it allowable to cook a vegetable in boiling water and throw away the water?

7. Why must more time be allowed for baking a potato than for boiling ?

8. Why more time for an old beet than for a young?

9. Find the cost of potatoes in your locality. Estimate the cost of a dish of mashed potato for five people.

10. Estimate the cost of 100-Calorie portions of several vegetables. See Fig. 36.