Suet chopped

Raisins, currants, and citron sliced


Sweet milk





1 cup 1 cup 1 1 cup

1/2 cup

1 teaspoonful 1/4 teaspoonful 3 1/2 cups


Skin, wash, and chop the suet, and dredge with flour. Wash, pick over and seed the dried fruit, slice the citron if it is used, and dredge all with flour. Stir together the milk and molasses, sift the dry ingredients with the flour, and stir the liquid into the flour slowly. Add the suet, beating the mass thoroughly, and last the fruit, sprinkling in both the suet and the fruit as you stir. Fill a greased mold 2/3 full, close tightly, and cook in a kettle of boiling water for three hours. Serve with a hard or foamy sauce.

Laboratory Management

This can be made in class if each pupil will bring an empty baking powder or cocoa tin to school. A strip of greased cloth should be fastened around the edge of the cover. The recipe can be made in 1/4 cup proportions, and this amount can be cooked if the class period is two hours in length, but it is better to have the cooking finished at home. This is a seasonable exercise at Thanksgiving or Christmas.