The temperature of the oven should be steady, and about 380° F. An authority recommends 180° C. (355° F.) when the loaf is put in, rising to 220° C. (425° F.).1 The amount of flour for one loaf has been given. A loaf this size should be baked in a pan 8 1/2 to 9 inches X 3 1/2 to 4 X 3 to 3 1/2. The material of the pan is not of great consequence. Tin gives good results, a longer time being required for baking in a granite pan. A loaf should bake about one hour. (See Fig. 55.)

1 "Some Points in the Making and Judging of Bread," 1913. Isabel Bevier, Univ. of 111. Bulletin No. 25.

Baking The Bread 59

Rolls and biscuit may be shaped in many ways. (See Fig. 56.) How will the baking differ from that of the loaf?

Care Of Bread After Baking

Remove from the pans, cool on a rack, place in tin box or stone jar, and cover with paraffin paper.

Uses Of Stale Bread

Bread that has become too dry may be freshened by moistening the surface and heating in the oven. Bread may be used for toast, croutons for soup, escalloped dishes, puddings, crumbs for coating other food materials, and may be made into cups for holding other materials.