Soft Gingerbread

One-half cup of lard, one cup each of milk and sugar, two of molasses, one teaspoonful soda, two tablespoonfuls cinnamon, and one of ginger. Stir butter, sugar, molasses and spice together, add the milk and soda, and, lastly, about five cups of flour. Beat hard, and bake into a loaf, or in small tins. Some seeded raisins will improve. Add these last.

Ginger Crackers

Take one pint molasses, one cup of shortening, and one of sugar, with ginger and cinnamon to taste. Add flour enough to make a soft dough. Roll very thin, cut into small cakes, and bake in a quick oven. For plain cookies use only one-half cup shortening.

Ginger Snaps

One cup each of sugar, molasses and lard, one egg, one tabiespoon-ful ginger, one tablespoonful vinegar, dissolving in the vinegar one teaspoonful soda. Use no milk or water. Mix in seven cups flour and knead. Roll out in any shape desired and bake in quick oven.

Risen Doughnuts

Take a pint of boiling milk, two cups of sugar, one-half cup of butter, a half pint of yeast, and two eggs. Beat together the eggs, butter and sugar, and then pour in the milk. Let it rise three times, the last rising after they are cut out. Fry in smoking-hot lard. Sift with powdered sugar while hot.


Cream one tablespoonful of butter, work in a teaspoonful of cinnamon, beat the yolks and whites of two eggs separately, then together, and stir into the batter. Sift two-thirds cup sugar and one tea-spoonful baking powder with two cups flour, add to the eggs and butter, mix well, and stir in gradually one-quarter to one-half cup milk. Roll out, cut in rounds, with a small round out of the centre of each ; fry in deep, hot fat, turning as the sides are browned. Lift from the fat with a wire frying-spoon, and lay on brown paper to drain.


Mix one pound each flour and granulated sugar and one grated nutmeg. Put in one pound butter, and stir in two beaten eggs. Sift granulated sugar on a board, lay the dough on it, roll out one-third inch thick, cut out with a round cutter, and cut out a circle in the centre. Bake in a buttered pan, in a moderately hot oven, from ten to twenty minutes.


Cocoanut Jumbles

Grate one cocoa nut. Rub one-half pound butter and siftec sugar together. Mix with one pound of sifted flour and three well-beaten eggs, witi a little rose water. Mix the cocoanut gradually, so as to make a stiff dough. Bake in a quick oven, placing the batter in small particles in tin pans, or on greased paper;

Sugar Cookies

Cream one cup sugar and one-half cup butter, beat one egg and add it with one-quarter cup milk. Sift in one teaspoonful baking powder with one cup of flour. Flavor with one-quarter teaspoonful lemon or vanilla. Stir in more flour to make a dough stiff enough to handle. Roll out on a floured board until one-quarter inch thick. Bake from ten to fifteen minutes.