Nut Salad

Mix one cup chopped English walnut meats, with two cups celery or shredded lettuce leaves; arrange on lettuce, and serve with Mayonnaise dressing.

Potato Salad

Slice thin, eight cold boiled potatoes, and cover with a dressing made as follows : Yolk of one hard-boiled egg, mashed fine, one teaspoonful of mixed mustard, four tablespoonfuls of melted butter, four tablespoonfuls of vinegar, salt and pepper. Finely chopped onion may be added.

Fruit Salad

To one package Plymouth Rock gelatine, add a pint of cold water, the juice of four lemons, the grated rind of one. Let stand one hour. Add one pint boiling water, two cups sugar. Let boil and strain through a cloth into a mold. When about to congeal stir in fruit. One pound white grapes, seeded, one-half pound candied pineapple, one-half pound candied cherries, cut in pieces. Let stand on ice to cool and harden, then serve.

Tongue Salad

Boil, skin and trim a. tongue, cut in dice and add the whites of six hard-boiled eggs cut in similar pieces. Cut fine the white stalks of three heads of celery and mix with tongue and eggs. Make a dressing as follows: Beat together four eggs, six tablespoonfuls of vinegar, five of melted butter, one of prepared mustard, one of sugar and two-thirds of a cup of cream. Put over the fire in a double boiler and cook until as thick as boiled custard. Set aside to cool; season with salt and pepper, thin with lemon juice, mix with the tongue and other ingredients, and serve.

Cream Salad Dressing___Mix one-half each, salt and mustard, with one table-spoonful of sugar, add one beaten egg, two and one-half tablespoonfuls butter, and three-fourths cup sweet cream, add slowly one-fourth cup vinegar ; cook until it thickens, then strain and cool.

Mayonnaise Sauce

Mix in a two-quart bowl one even teaspoonful ground mustard, one of salt, and one and a half of vinegar, beat in the yolk of a raw egg. Then add very gradually a half pint of pure olive oil. Beating briskly all the time. The mixture will become a very thick batter. Flavor 424 with vinegar or fresh lemon juice. If covered closely it will keep for weeks. If the dressing curdles, take another yoke of egg and add to it the curdled mixture slowly, stirring constantly.

Salad Dressing

Yolks of three eggs, one tablespoonful sugar, a lump of butter size of a small egg, a pinch each of salt, and cayenne pepper, one teaspoonful of prepared mustard. Stir all together, add one-half pint of vinegar, set over fire and stir constantly until it becomes about like custard. This will keep several days in a cool place. Very nice served with nice ripe tomatoes. Peel and cut out a little.of the top with a teaspoon ; serve it on a lettuce leaf with the salad dressing.

Salad Dressing

Yolks of three eggs, one teaspoonful mustard, one teaspoonful salt, a sprinkle of cayenne, two tablespoonfuls of butter, one cup milk, or cream. Stir the above together. When well beaten, pour over one-half cup of hot vinegar. Have ready the whites of three eggs, beaten stiff. Cook in double boiler, stirring all the time it is cooking, using an egg beater to stir with. Cook until cream thickens, then bottle. If one bottle of good salad dressing is mixed with the above recipe, it is improved.