Broiled Chicken

Be sure that your chicken is young. If in doubt as to this, it is best to make it tender by steaming. Place sticks across a dripping pan full of boiling water, lay the chicken upon these, cover with a tin pan, set in the oven, and let it steam for half an hour. (The chicken should first be split down the back and wiped perfectly dry). Then transfer to a buttered gridiron, inside downward, cover, and broil till brown and tender, turning several times. Put into a hot dish, butter well, and serve smoking hot.

Broiled Chicken On Toast

Broil in the usual way, and when the fowl is thoroughly done take -it up in a square pan, butter it well, season with pepper and salt, and set it in the oven for a few minutes. Then put slices of moistened buttered toast on a platter ; lay the chicken upon it; add to the pan gravy part of a cupful of cream or milk thickened with a little flour ; pour over the chicken, and serve.

Stewed Duck

Prepare the fowls by cutting them up, in the same way as chicken for fricassee. Lay some very thin slices of salt pork upon the bottom of a stew-pan,

16 the model cook Book and place the pieces of duck upon the pork. Stew slowly for an hour, closely covered. Then season' with salt and pepper, and add half a teaspoonful of powdered sage, or minced green sage, and one chopped onion. Stew another half hour, or until the duck is tender. Stir a large tablespoonful of brown flour in a little water and add it to the stew. Let it boil up, and serve all together in one dish, accompanied by green peas.

Chicken Croquettes

Take the cold chicken, chop very fine, use about one-third as much cracker crumbs (not too fine) as you have meat. Season with salt and pepper; add one egg beaten, and cold gravy ; make into rolls or round cakes, dip into batter, fry in very hot drippings, one-half butter and one-half lard.



Add to a sweetbread cooked, cooled and chopped, not too fine - enough chopped chicken to make one pint in all. Melt one-fourth a cup of butter, add half a cup of flour and cook until frothy ; then add gradually, stirring constantly, one cup of chicken stock, well seasoned with vegetables and sweet herbs, and one-third a cup of cream. Season to taste with salt and pepper; add one egg, well beaten, and the chopped meat. Set aside to become cold, then shape, apply egg-and-bread crumbs, and fry in deep fat; drain on soft paper. Serve with mushroom sauce in a boat

Chicken Hash

Remove the meat from the bones of cold stewed chicken, cut into small pieces, putting these in the gravy. Set on the fire with milk enough to cover; add butter, pepper, and salt; thicken with flour. When done, serve on hot buttered toast.

Chicken Stew - Cook the fowl in the same manner as for fricassee. When the meat is tender remove it from the water and serve with a sauce prepared with the liquid in which the meat was boiled. To one pint of liquid allow the following ingredients: One tablespoonful butter, two of flour, and one of parsley, if desired ; one-half teaspoon-ful of salt and one-quarter of pepper.

Chicken Pie - Boil chicken until tender (one year old is best), peel half dozen potatoes while it is stewing. To make the crust, take one quart of flour, one tablespoonful of baking powder, a little salt, half a teacupful of lard, and sufficient water to make a stiff dough ; roll half the dough to the thickness of one-half an inch; cut in strips and line the dish. Put in half the chicken and half the potatoes; season with butter, pepper, and salt; dredge well with flour and put in some of the crust cut in small pieces. The other half of the chicken and potatoes put in with butter, salt, and pepper, and dredge with flour as before ; roll out the rest of the dough for upper crust. Before putting on the cover fill the dish nearly full of boiling 384 water, put in the oven immediately, and bake one hour.