Clam Chowder

For this take fifty clams, a bowl of salt pork, cut up fine, and one of onions, finely chopped, with the same or a greater quantity of potatoes cut into small pieces. Fry the perk very gently, and when brown take it out and put in the onions to fry. This should be done in a frying-pan, and the chowder-kettle be made very clean before they are put in it, or the chowder will burn. Sprinkle some of the pork in the bottom of the pot, place on it a layer of clams, seasoned with salt and pepper and covered with bits of butter. Next have a layer of onion and one of small crackers moistened with milk. On this pour some of the fat from the frying-pan, and then repeat the process, continuing till the pot is nearly full. Cover now with water and stew slowly, for forty-five minutes. Drain off the liquor that flows freely, and, after emptying the chowder from the pot, return this liquor. Thicken it with flour or cracker dust, add some wine and catsup, boil, and pour over the contents of the tureen.

Devilled Crabs

Extract the meat from boiled crabs and mince it finely. Season well with mustard, cayenne, salt, and some sharp sauce. Toss and stir till well mixed, and cook in a covered saucepan, with just enough water to keep the meat from burning. For dressing, use pulverized cracker, moistened with a tablespoonful of cream, and with vinegar until thin. After the water has come to a boil stir this in. Next stir in a tablespoonful of butter, boil again, and take from the fire. Serve in the shell of the crab, if desired.

Lobster Croquettes

Add pepper, salt, and powdered mace to the meat of a boiled lobster, chopped fine. Mix with this a quarter of its quantity of bread crumbs, and mold into pointed balls, with the aid of two table-spoonfuls of melted butter. Roll in beaten egg, then in cracker dust, and fry in butter or sweet lard. Serve dry and hot.

Lobster Salad

Extract all the meat from a cold boiled lobster, and mince it, except the coral, which is reserved for the dressing. For this take four hard boiled eggs, and rub the yolks to a smooth paste in a bowl or mortar, gradually rubbing in two tablespoonfuls salad oil, and one tea-spoonful each of mustard, salt, white sugar, cayenne pepper, and Harvey's or other sauce. Lastly add the coral, which must be worked well upon a plate with a spatula. Moisten with vinegar as the ingredients stiffen, adding until the mixture is thin enough to pour over the minced lobster. Toss with a silver fork, taking care not to break the meat. Chopped lettuce may be mixed with the salad. Garnish the dish around its edges with curled lettuce, or rings cut from the white of the boiled eggs. Lobster salad should be eaten soon. It becomes unwholesome if it stand long.

Broiled And Baked Lobsters

Lob-sters which are to be broiled or baked are killed by cutting them into halves; the stomach and long intestine are then removed, the lobster basted with melted butter, dusted slightly with salt and pepper, and, if baked, placed in a very hot oven for half an hour, basting frequently. If broiled, arrange in a broiler, sear quickly the flesh side, and broil, shell side down, at an elevation of six inches over a perfectly clear coal fire for about 30 minutes, or, if underneath a gas stove, with the flesh side up, basting four or five times while broiling. Serve immediately with melted butter sauce.

Scallops Fricasseed Or Fried

Of scallops only the muscular part is used. Fricasseed they form one of the nicest of luncheon dishes. Wash them thoroughly in cold water, drain, and pour over sufficient boiling water to cover; bring them to the boiling point and drain again. To each pint allow two tablespoonfuls of butter, two tablespoonfuls of flour, half a pint of milk and the yolks of four eggs. Put the butter and flour into a saucepan ; when,mixed add the milk and stir until boiling; add the scallops, a teaspoonful of salt, a dash of pepper, just a grating of nutmeg, and when hot add the yolks slightly beaten, a table-spoonful of chopped parsley, and serve at once. Scallops may also be dipped in egg and breadcrumbs, fried in smoking-hot fat and served with tomato ketchup or sauce.