Baked Peanut Candy (2)

Melt one tablespoon of butter, add one cup of sugar; when dissolved, add one pint of ground peanuts and bake fifteen minutes in well-buttered tin.

Honey Candy

Two cups of granulated sugar, one half cup of water, four tablespoons of honey. Boil until it becomes brittle in water.

Opera Creams

Two cups of sugar, two squares of chocolate, three fourths cup of milk. Boil three or four minutes, flavor, and put in a cold place. The pan should not be touched for at least an hour, or until it is absolutely cold; then beat till creamy and drop into balls on paper.

Cream Squares

Two cups of sugar, one cup of milk, one tablespoonful of water, butter the size of an egg, a scant teaspoonful of vanilla. Cook, cream by beating, pour into a platter, and cut into squares.

To vary: Divide into three parts; cook the second part more slowly than the first, and the third part more slowly than the second; into one, put chopped raisins, nuts, citron, and currants, into the second, cocoanut, and into the third, chocolate enough to make it the proper color. Pour one layer over the other as it cools.


Boil together one and seven eighths cups of powdered sugar, one half cup of milk or cream, one cup of maple syrup, until when tried in cold water it will form a soft ball. Remove from fire, beat until creamy, add two cups of chopped nuts of any kind, and drop from tip of spoon on buttered paper.

Cream Peppermints

One cup of white sugar, one eighth cup of milk and water mixed, one teaspoon of extract of peppermint, one small pinch of cream of tartar, one teaspoon of butter. Boil sugar, milk, water, and butter for five minutes; then add cream of tartar and flavoring. When done, cream by stirring for about ten minutes, then drop on buttered paper.


Put one half cup of boiling water and one and one half cups of fine granulated sugar in a saucepan. Stir till the sugar is dissolved, bring to a boiling point, and simmer nine minutes. Beat till the mixture begins to thicken, and add six drops of oil of peppermint. Drop from tip of spoon on buttered paper; if the mixture becomes too stiff to drop, add a small quantity of boiling water.


Make same as peppermints, adding oil of wintergreen instead of peppermint, and coloring pink with the juice of cranberries, or with red fruit.

Puffed Rice Brittle

Boil for five minutes one cup of sugar, one half cup of water, one teaspoon of vinegar; then add two tablespoon-fuls of molasses, butter the size of a walnut, and boil till it hardens in cold water. Stir in one half package of puffed rice warm and crisp from the oven, and spread in a buttered tin to cool.

Butter Taffy

One cup of sugar, one cup of molasses, one half cup of butter; boil till it will harden in cold water.

Marshmallow Candy

Boil, without stirring till when tried it forms a soft ball, three cups of light-brown sugar and one half cup of milk. Beat in when done one half pound of marshmallows and one cup of chopped nut meats.