Maple Cream Walnuts

Melt two cups of maple sugar in one cup of water; stir while cooking ten minutes; when a little will harden when dropped in cold water, add a level teaspoon of butter. Take from the fire; beat till waxy; make into balls; press a nut meat into each side of the balls. Lay on a buttered plate to become firm.

The Sunlight Pours Into This Pleasant Room

The Sunlight Pours Into This Pleasant Room.

Maple Caramels

One cup of maple sugar, one cup of brown sugar, one cup of water. Boil until brittle in water; when nearly done, add butter the size of an egg.

A Simple Fudge (Always Good)

Two cups of sugar, one half cup of water, three dessertspoons of cocoa. Boil five minutes; then add a small piece of butter and a teaspoon of vanilla. Cream by beating a few minutes before turning into buttered pans.


Two cups of sugar, one cup of milk, two squares of chocolate; test in water. Just before it is done, add butter the size of a walnut (too much butter spoils it) and one teaspoon of vanilla; cream and cool.

Molasses Candy (1)

One cup of molasses, one cup of sugar, one piece of butter the size of an egg, one tablespoonful of vinegar. Boil, but do not stir, till it hardens in cold water; when done stir. Pour into buttered pans and, when cool, pull if desired until white.

Molasses Candy (2)

Two cups of molasses, one cup of sugar, one cup of sweet cream; add a little soda just before taking from stove.

Creamy Molasses Candy

One half cup of molasses, one cup of sugar, one half cup of water, one teaspoonful of butter, one half tea-spoonful of soda. Stir all together and boil till thick; when done it will be creamy.

Molasses Taffy

Cook four cups of molasses over a slow fire and test by dropping a little in ice-water. If it cools so that it will crack between the fingers, it is ready to pour into buttered pans in very thin layers. Mark off into squares as it cools, and when cold break apart.

Peanut Brittle

Spread a thin layer of chopped or ground peanuts on a buttered tin. Put four cups of granulated sugar in a dry saucepan without a drop of water. Stir the sugar; in a few minutes over a hot fire it will form into hard lumps; but keep on stirring. After it has grown quite dark, and you are sure it is spoiled, continue to stir and the lumps will all melt. At this point instantly pour it over the peanuts as quickly as possible, and when cool it will be pure and crisp.

The above rule may be used for any nuts, also for puffed rice.

Baked Peanut Candy (1)

Take one cup of chopped nuts, preferably peanuts, the stiffly beaten white of one egg, and one cup of brown sugar. Mix well, put in a buttered pan, and bake until a light brown, - about twenty minutes. Be careful not to let it brown on the bottom.