English Barley Sugar

Put one and a half pounds of lump sugar and one pint of water in a porcelain kettle, stand half an hour, boil and skim till it becomes hard when tried in water. Add the juice of one lemon and boil up once, pour into a buttered pan, and when cool enough to handle cut into pieces and twist or roll them. If desired dust over with sugar when cold.

Butterscotch (1)

One half cup of molasses, one half cup of sugar, one half cup of butter. Boil until it strings.

Butterscotch (2)

Piece of butter the size of an egg, one cup of sugar, one half cup of water, one tablespoon of molasses, two tablespoons of vinegar. Boil till it hardens in cold water.

Butterscotch (3)

Two cups of sugar, two tablespoons of water, butter the size of an egg. Boil without stirring till it hardens on a spoon. Pour on buttered plates to cool.

Peanut Candy (1)

Put one cup of white sugar into a spider and stir constantly. It will first turn brown, then lump, then melt into a syrup. When in this state, turn in a quart of peanuts, chopped fine, and pour at once into a buttered pan.

Peanut Candy (2)

Two cups of sugar, one half cup of boiling water; stir till dissolved; do not stir after it boils, except when it begins to bubble. Then stir in very quickly one half teaspoon of cream of tartar, dissolved in a little cold water. Boil till it turns dark yellow, take off the fire, stir in small piece of butter, and pour over peanuts chopped fine and ready in buttered tin.

Peanut Candy (3)

One cup of sugar, one half cup of molasses, one half cup of vinegar, butter the size of an egg. Cook till done, and pour over chopped peanuts.

Peanut Candy (4)

Melt One Cup Of Powdered Sugar. When melted, stir in one cup of rolled peanuts and turn out on a board. Square it off with a chopping-knife.

Cocoanut Drops (1)

Boil until brittle four cups of white sugar, three fourths cup of water, four tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of butter. Just before pouring out, add one cup of dessicated cocoanut and drop in small flat cakes on buttered tins.

Cocoanut Drops (2)

Two cups of white sugar, one cup of water; boil six minutes over a quick fire. Stir in one half cup of grated or dessicated cocoanut and remove from the fire. Turn into pan and mark into bars when cold.

Sour-Cream Candy

One cup of sour cream, two cups of brown sugar, small piece of butter, one cup of chopped walnuts; boil eight minutes and stir a long time after taking from the fire.

Chocolate Caramels

Two cups of sugar, one cup of molasses, one cup of milk, four squares of chocolate, butter the size of an egg, one teaspoon of vanilla, and a little salt. Boil until brittle when tried in water.

Maple Candy

Boil till it threads two cups of maple sugar and one cup of cream; then add six figs cut fine and one quarter cup of grated cocoanut. Beat till it thickens, pour into a buttered pan, and cut in squares when cold.