Peel, cut in very thin slices into a very little boiling water, so little that it will be evaporated when they are cooked, add salt to taste, some cream, or a very little milk and a bit of butter. A little practice will make this a favorite dish in any family. The art is, to cook the potatoes with a very little water, so that it will be evaporated at the time the potatoes are done. They must be stirred occasionally while cooking.

Potatoes and Onions. Boil potatoes in skins, peel while hot and slice; about an hour before wanted, slice onions, and let stand in salt and water; while peeling potatoes, put onions in skillet with a little ham gravy or butter and a little water, and cook slightly; take out, put in vegetable dish a layer of onions, then potatoes, then onions, etc., with potatoes last; add a cup of vinegar to skillet (with ham gravy or butter), warm and pour over.

Fried Raw Potatoes. Wash, peel, and slice in cold water, drain in a colander, and drop in a skillet prepared with two table-spoons melted butter or beef-drippings, or one-half of each; keep closely covered for ten minutes, only removing to stir with a knife from the bottom to prevent burning; cook another ten minutes, stirring frequently until done and lightly browned. Sweet potatoes are nice prepared in the same manner. - Mrs. M. E. Southard.