Corn Meal Doughnuts

A tea-cup and a half boiling milk poured over two tea-cups meal; when cool add two cups flour, one of butter, one and one-half of sugar, three eggs; flavor with nutmeg or cinnamon; let rise till very light; roll about half an inch thick, cut in diamond shape, and boil in hot lard.

Cream Doughnuts

Beat one cup each of sour cream and sugar and two eggs together, add level tea-spoon soda, a little salt, and flour enough to roll. - Mrs. Hattie Meade,


One egg, a cup rich milk,' a cup sugar, three pints flour, three tea-spoons baking powder, (or one and a half measures Horsford's Bread Preparation). These are made richer by adding one egg, and one tea-spoon butter. - Mrs. Jenks,

North Star Doughnuts

One and a half cups sugar, one of sour milk, half cup butter, three eggs, a level tea-spoon soda, spice to taste, and flour to roll. - Mrs. A. J. Palmes,