For thirty yards of muslin, take one pound of chloride of lime, dissolve in two quarts rain-water; let cloth soak over night in warm rain-water, or long enough to be thoroughly wet; wring out cloth and put in another tub of warm rain-water in which the chloride of lime solution has been poured. Let it remain for about twenty minutes, lifting up the cloth and airing every few minutes, and rinse in clear rain-water. This will not injure the cloth in the least, and is much less troublesome than bleaching on the grass.

Or, scald in suds and lay them on the clean grass all night, or if this can not be done, bring in and place in a tub of clean soft water. In the morning scald again and put out as before. It will take from one to two weeks to bleach white. May be bleached in winter by placing on the snow. May is the best month for bleaching. To whiten yellow linens or muslins, soak over-night, or longer, in buttermilk; rinse thoroughly and wash the same as other clothes. This will also answer for light calicoes, percales, lawns, etc., that will not fade. Some use sour milk when not able to procure buttermilk. To whiten yellow laces, old collars, etc., put in a glass bottle or jar in a strong suds, let stand in sun for seven days, shaking occasionally.