Lemon Squeezer

- In making lemonade a powerful squeezer is necessary to extract all the juice. The one here represented takes a whole lemon and cuts and crushes it at the same time. It is made of galvanized iron, and is consequently rust-proof, easily cleaned and not liable to be broken as is the case with wooden squeezers. There are other forms of iron squeezers that are good, and much better than the wooden ones, but this is the only small one that cuts and crushes whole lemons.

Larger ones are made for restaurant use.

Jar Holder

It is often difficult to remove the top of glass jars when screwed on, on account of the slippery nature of the glass. The holder represented in the cut will be understood at a glance. It clasps and holds the jar without danger of breaking it.

An Egg Poacher

Break the egg carefully into the little cups and place them on the stand. Dip the stand into well-salted water, which has been brought to simmering point. When done each cut in shape of a shell, is taken off the stand and carefully tipped over a piece of buttered toast, leaving the egg in the pretty form of the cup.

A Soap Shaker is a perforated oval tin box with a long handle, which, after a cake of soap has been placed in it, is shaken in the dish water to make a suds.

A ham boiler made of iron is an excellent thing for boiling whole hams, and may be bought with the stove and other stove furniture, but an ordinary wash-boiler, thoroughly cleaned, may be Used, with care in cleansing both before and "after using. Boiled ham furnishes delicious cold slices, and is always a favorite meat at lunches, picnics, etc. In large families and boarding houses the iron boiler is useful for many other purposes.

A Convenient Knife And Spoon Tray

This is made of Strong Japanned tin and has a separate apartment for knives, spoons and forks, and teaspoons. It is also provided with a convenient handle. A wooden box may be made by an ingenious man in the same form, that Will be equally convenient. Lucky is the woman who has the ingenious man at hand, who has the time and is willing to spend it in fitting up the kitchen with such conveniences.

A Fish-Kettle

The engraving represents a fish-kettle. The fish is placed on the perforated tin sheet which is then put into the kettle of water, and when done the perforated sheet with fish is removed, and the fish is unbroken. It may then be placed for a moment over an empty iron kettle set over the stove and allowed to drain and steam. Then slip carefully on a napkin in the hot platter on which" it is to be served.

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