Take a piece of puff paste, after it is fully rolled and folded, then roll it out, one-fourth inch in thickness and fold it over evenly (like a sheet of paper). Now roll this out to an eighth of an inch in thickness and about twelve inches in width; now roll this up in a roll the same as you would a sheet of paper; this sheet of paste should be so arranged in size as to form a roll (when rolled up) of two inches or two and a half inches in diameter; when this is roll . up wet the edge so that it may not unfold again; next press it flat until you reduce it to about three-fonrths of an inch in thickness; now take a sharp knife and cut it off in slices one-fourth of inch in thickness, lay these on the pan, cut part down, give them room and they will then flow considerably. Now bake them. When baked dust them well with powdered sugar and return them to the oven, which must, in the mean time, be made very hot so as to melt the sugar, this giving them a fine glaze. If you have a salamander to hold over them it will glaze them quicker than the oven, but if you have no salamander, and can not get the oven hot enough, then wash them with the white of an egg, dust them with sugar and return them to the oven for a few minutes. When all this is done spread raspberry jam or jelly on them and stick two together. You can dish them up artistically as fancy directs. They make a pretty dish and are all that can be desired in point of eating, and are a favorite on all French tables.