Required: Two pounds of boiled potatoes. The yolks of two eggs. One whole egg.


Frying fat.

About a teacupful of carrot balls.

About a teacupful of turnip balls.

A little brown or white sauce.

Rub the potatoes through a sieve or mash them finely with a fork or potato-masher. Next stir into them the beaten yolks of eggs, then stir the mixture over the fire to cook the yolks, and season it carefully with salt and pepper. Next turn it on to a plate, spread it evenly over, and let it get cold.

Then make the mixture into neat drum shapes, about one and a half inches across. Brush each over with beaten egg, then cover it with crumbs; again brush them over with egg and coat with crumbs, and with a plain cutter mark a neat round on the egg-and-crumb coating. Have ready the pan of frying fat; when a bluish smoke rises from it, put in a shape of potato and fry it until it is a pretty golden brown. Then drain it well on paper. When all are fried, take a plain round cutter and again cut down through the egg-and-crumb coating; lift out this round and lay it on one side. Then with a small spoon carefully scoop out all the potato from the centre, leaving a case only.

Have ready cooked some neat balls of carrot and turnip, and add to them enough brown or white sauce to nicely moisten them, When these are thoroughly hot fill in the potato cases, heaping them up slightly.

Put the potato that was taken from the cases in a pan, and beat over the fire until it is light and smooth, then put it into a forcing-bag with a large rose-pipe, and force some "roses" on the top of each case. Put the lids in place; arrange the cases on a lace paper, and garnish with a little parsley.

Wash and scrape the carrot and peel the turnip, and with a cutter cut out neat balls the size of a pea. Boil in boiling salted water until tender.