Required: One large fowl. Six pork sausages. Two hard-boiled eggs. Half a pound of ham or tongue. Salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Aspic jelly for decorating. White sauce for coating.

First bone the fowl; to do this, cut off the head, then cut the bird down the back to the bone and slowly work the flesh off the bones with a sharp knife until only the bare carcase is left. When doing this be very careful not to cut through the skin. Draw the flesh of the wings and legs backwards, turning it inside out like a stocking. Draw out all the sinews possible. Take the skins off the sausages, and season the meat with salt, pepper, and grated nutmeg. Cut the ham and hard-boiled eggs into strips.

Place the boned fowl on the table, spread a layer of sausage-meat all over the flesh. On this lay alternate strips of ham and egg from the head to the tail of the bird. Cover these with more sausage-meat, then roll the bird up from side to side like a roly-poly pudding. Next roll it in a clean pudding-i loth, tying the ends securely. Put it in the stockpot with the bones, and let it simmer gently for about one and a half hours, or longer if it is a very large bird. When cooked re-roll it tightly in the cloth. Place it between two tins or dishes, with weights on the upper one, and leave it until cold. Meanwhile, prepare