Buffet Refreshments.

Sandwiches. Foie-gras a la Regence.

Saumon Fume. Volaille.

Anchois. Concombre.


Gateaux Francais.

Biscuits Assortis. Gateaux Varies. Occurs d'amandes. Chocolats.

Petits Fours. Brioches. Crescents. Bouchees des Dames.


The. Limonade.

Cafe. Orangeade.


Creme aux Fraises.

Creme a la Vanille.

Cafe glace.

A bountiful provision has to be made, for dancing makes many people both hungry and thirsty, and it is the duty of every man to invite his partner after every dance to go and have some refreshment.

At a Cinderella dance there is no set supper. The buffet is all, and it has to be well provided, even though the dance should finish at midnight; for the dancers know that there is to be no supper.

Cinderellas seldom end quite by midnight; 1 a.m. is a usual hour, and sometimes invitations are from 9.30 to 2 a.m. By this time everyone is very hungry, and no hostess would like to see a half-empty buffet even at the last.

For a light supper the following menu can be supplied at 6s. per head for one hundred persons, 5s. 9d. for one hundred and fifty, 5s. 3d. for two, and 5s. for three hundred.


Filets de sole a la Royale.

Petites salades de Homard.

Medallions de Volaille Bechamel.

Petites Langues en Surprise.

Bouchees de Jambon.

Poulets de Surrey.

Langue de Boeuf.

Jambon d York a la Gelee.



Gelee aux Fruits. Bavaroise d'ananas.

Chartreuse d'abricots. Bouchees des Dames.

Meringues a la Creme.

Gateaux Varies.

Biscuits Assortis. Chocolats.

Petits Fours. Fondants.

Marrons Glaces.





Creme aux Fraises.

Eau de Muscat.

Dessert. Consomme en Tasses.

This final item, hot soup, is of comparatively recent introduction, and it deserves the great popularity it has attained. Many a bad cold has been averted by this cup of hot soup taken after getting overheated in dancing and being about to face the night air. Some hostesses have it handed through the rooms on trays, just like tea, so that everyone may be served with it without going to the buffet. Sometimes it is served at a special table near the hall door.

Simpler menus will be given in a future article.