Required: A medium-sized goose. for the stuffing:

Four large onions.

Eight sage-leaves.

Six ounces of breadcrumbs

Two ounces of chopped beef suet or melted butter. Two eggs. Salt and pepper.

Put the sage-leaves on a plate or tin in a very slow oven, and dry them; then powder them by rubbing through a small sieve or gravy-strainer.

Peel and quarter the onions, put them on the fire in a pan of boiling water, let them boil for five minutes, then drain off the water and pour on some fresh boiling water. Let them cook until they are tender, then drain off the water very thoroughly, and chop the onions finely. Now mix all together the onions, sage, suet, crumbs, and seasoning; beat up the eggs, and add them.

Have the bird very thoroughly singed, put the stuffing into the body of the bird at the tail end, folding the skin over the opening, and keeping it in place with a tiny skewer. Turn the flap of skin at the neck of the bird tidily under the body, and fasten that also in place with a skewer. Truss the bird neatly. Tie a piece of greased paper over the breast, and roast the bird either before a clear, bright fire or in a quick oven, keeping it well basted. About half an hour before the bird is cooked take off the paper, so that the breast may brown nicely.

A medium-sized bird will take from one and three-quarters to two hours.

Take out all skewers, put the bird on a hot dish, and hand with it some good gravy and apple sauce.

The Gravy is made in just the same way as for turkey.