Required for three quarts of stock:

Three pounds of knuckle of veal.

Three quarts of cold water.

One medium-sized carrot, turnip, and onion.

A bunch of sweet herbs.

Two sticks of celery.

Eight white peppercorns.

Any scraps of unbrowned pieces of poultry or bones. Salt and white pepper.

Prepare the meat and bones as for brown stock, put them in a saucepan with the prepared vegetables (cut in halves), the herbs, and peppercorns. Let all soak for ten minutes, then bring the water slowly to boiling-point. Let it boil gently for about five hours, removing any greasy scum as it rises. When cooked, remove the vegetables. Strain the stock through a fine strainer into a basin, keep it in a cool place, and remove all fat from the surface before using it.

Second Stock

The meat and bones which were strained from the stock will still contain a certain amount of goodness and flavour. So add to them about two quarts of water and a fresh supply of vegetables and herbs. Let them boil for another four hours. Strain off the stock, and you have what is known as second stock, which is useful for ordinary household purposes, such as the foundation of gravies and sauces.

Bone Stock is stock made entirely from bones. Though containing less nourishment and flavour than stock made from meat, yet it is most useful and economical.

It is prepared in the same way as other stock, but must be boiled quickly in order to extract the gelatinous matter from the bones.