Required: About one and a half or two pounds of best end neck of mutton.

Two carrots.

One turnip.

One onion.

A bunch of parsley and herbs.


Aspic jelly.


Two gherkins.

Watercress or salad. (Sufficient for four persons.)

Wipe the mutton with a cloth dipped in hot water, then joint and trim it. Wash, prepare, and quarter the vegetables, put them in a stewpan with the herbs tied together, lay the meat on them, and pour in enough stock to just cover the vegetables; lay a piece of greased paper over the meat, and braise it gently until it is tender - it will probably take from one to one and a half hours. Keep the pan tightly covered. Take out the meat, put it between two dishes, with weights on the upper one, and leave it until cold. Next trim and cut into neat cutlets, allowing a bone for each.

Brush each cutlet over with a little melted glaze. Next pour a little melted aspic in a cutlet-mould; on this place some pretty design cut out of chilli or truffle, or, if liked a small spray of chervil. Pour in a few drop; of aspic to set the decoration, leave it until set, then lay in a cutlet and fill up the mould with aspic.

Chaudfroid of Cutlets

Chaudfroid of Cutlets

When all the moulds are set, dip them for a second in warm water, turn tbe cutlets out, and arrange them on a bed of chopped aspic, place a frill on the bone of each, and garnish the dish with a few sprigs of watercress and strips of gherkin.

Full directions for making aspic jelly were given in Part 8, page 1018, Every Woman's Encyclopaedia.

Although this jelly may be omitted, if liked, in some instances it adds greatly both to the appearance and taste of any dish, and should be used when possible.

Mutton Cutlets a la Russe

Mutton Cutlets a la Russe