Required: About one and a half pounds of best end neck of mutton. One pint of chaudfroid sauce. One carrot. One turnip. Two small onions. A little aspic jelly. Truffle or chilli. Salad and stock. (Sufficient for four persons.)

Cut the meat into neat cutlets as already described. Grill or fry them quickly for about three minutes on each side. Prepare and peel the carrot, turnip, and onions, put them in a stewpan, lay the cutlets on them, add enough stock to cover the vegetables, cover with a piece of greased paper, put on the lid, and let the cutlets braise very slowly for about three-quarters of an hour.

Next take them out of the pan, place them between two plates with weights on the top one; leave them until cold. Then trim them neatly, scraping the ends of the bones well. Lay them on a dish or wire cake-stand, and coat them evenly over with chaudfroid sauce. Stamp out some fancy shapes of truffle or chilli. and arrange them in some pretty design on each cutlet. Slightly warm the aspic, pour a little over each cutlet to glaze it. Arrange a bed of mixed salad on a dish, place a cutlet frill on each cutlet bone, and arrange them neatly on the salad.

N.B. - The coating of aspic may be omitted, but it gives the cutlets a very dainty finish.