Required: Four eggs. Two tomatoes. Four slices of bacon. Four pieces of buttered toast. Two teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley. One ounce of butter.

Well butter some plain "dariole" moulds, and sprinkle the bottom of each with chopped parsley. Into each mould carefully break an egg. Place the moulds in a saucepan, with boiling water to come half-way up them, and lay a piece of buttered paper over the top of the tins. Let the eggs steam for about five minutes, or until they are set.

While they are cooking, cut the tomatoes in halves, and put them on a tin in a hot oven, with a little bit of butter on each, and cook until they are tender.

Toast the rounds of bread and the bacon before the fire. When all are cooked, trim the toast neatly, lay half a tomato on a round of toast, and put an egg on this. Arrange these neatly on a dish with the bacon, and serve very hot. Cost, 1s.