Students who so desire are prepared for the examinations of the Board of Education, the scholarships of the London County Council, the British Institution scholarship, and for admission to the Royal Academy Schools.

The teaching staff consists of:

Head master, Thomas Mckeggie, Hon. A. R. C. A. (London), who arranges the entire work of the school, takes the advanced portrait classes, and visits the studios while the classes are in progress.

Innes Fripp, A.r.c.a. (London), drawing and painting, day classes.

Philip Conrad, evening life classes.

Arthur Cooke, drawing for reproduction.

Charlotte Legg, art pupil teacher.

Lucy C. M. Millett, drawing and painting, day classes.

E. G. Gillick, modelling classes.

Frank Shelley, antique general drawing, evening classes.

A. Garth Jones, decorative and illuminative design.

The school year lasts from the beginning of October to the end of July, and students can enter at any time, provided that the period for which they enter is completed with the school year. The school is closed for two months in the summer, and for a short time at Christmas, Easter, and Whitsuntide. Saturday is a who'e holiday.

Fees, etc.

The school fees are as follows: For day classes, working from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

5 days a week (for four weeks)




(for thirteen weeks)




3 days a week (for four weeks)




(for thirteen weeks)




2 days a week (for four weeks)




(for thirteen weeks)




The fee for the school year, five days a week, is 10; the fee for external students, design, perspective, or geometrical drawing, one attendance a week at any single class, 6s. for four weeks; 15s. for thirteen weeks. Reproduction class, 7s. 6d. for four weeks; 20s. for thirteen weeks.

The fees for the evening classes are as follows: Preparation classes, four evenings a week, 2s. 6d. one month; 12-,. for five months. Life class, four evenings a week, 5s. one month; 21s., five months.

An extra fee of 2s. 6d. is also charged to students paying monthly fees.

Reproduction class - for Students of the school, 10s. for five months; for others, 20s. for five months.

Classes in applied design, geometry, and perspective, free to students of the school; others, 10s. for five months.

Artisan students may attend any class for not more than one evening a week for a fee of 10s. for the art school year, and on every evening during which the school is open, for a fee of 25s. a year.

Examinations And Scholarships

The annual examination of the Board of Education takes place at the end of April in each year, and intending candidates must enter their names early in March. Students of the school are eligible to compete for any scholarships and other awards offered by the Board of Education, which include Local Scholarships of the value of 20 a year and free tuition, tenable for three years.

Royal Exhibitions, tenable at South Kensington for three years, of the value of 1 5s. a week and free tuition.

Free Studentships, open to designers, draughtsmen, and handicraftsmen who have gained a first-class place in the art examinations and attended the school for two consecutive years. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded at the annual national competition for works executed during the year.

The portrait class. Several girl pupils have subsequently been enabled to earn livelihoods in various parts of the world as portrait painters

The portrait class. Several girl pupils have subsequently been enabled to earn livelihoods in various parts of the world as portrait painters

Princess of Wales' Scholarships, of the value of about 25 and 11 respectively, are awarded each year to the two women who obtain the highest prizes in the national competition.

All works for the annual national competition have to be delivered before April 1.

British Institution Scholarships

These scholarships; in painting, sculpture, and engraving, are open to all art students who have obtained a gold medal, a silver medal for work done from the life-i.e., a painting, drawing, or model from the nude-or a scholarship or money prize of the minimum value of 5 in any art school in the United Kingdom in which the study of the nude living figure forms part of the ordinary course of study.

These scholarships are of the value of 50, tenable for two years. Candidates must not be more than twenty-five years of age. The examination takes place in July.

London County Council Scholarships

The following scholarships and exhibitions are awarded by the Technical Education Board of the London County Council on the result of competitive examinations. Candidates must be under twenty-five years of age, and resident within the administrative County of London.

One hundred Evening Art Exhibitions, value 5 a year, and tenable for two years. These are intended to cover the fees and incidental and travelling expenses of students engaged during the day.

Thirty Artisan Art Scholarships, of the value of 10 and 10 a year, and free tuition for two years. Candidates must be in receipt of an income of less than 3 weekly, and must have studied for at least one year in a recognised art school within the administrative County of London.

The Lambeth Art Club, now in its twenty-fifth year, is a most important institution, of which only advanced Lambeth students, past or present, have the privilege of being members.

Its object is to encourage students to carry out original work unaided.

Several exhibitions are held each year, at which the work is criticised and the awards made by such artists of repute as John Hassall, R. I.; Wilson Steer; Lavery, R.s.a.; Clausen, R.a.; Solomon J. Solomon. R.a.; Alfred East, A.r.a.; Arthur Rackham.r.w.s.; and J.j. Hobson, R.i.

Every function of a social nature in connection with the school is arranged by the Lambeth Art Club. Once a year a fancy-dress dance is held, at which the younger and less advanced students are present by invitation.

There is also a regular Students' Sketch Club, of which Mr. Mckeggie is president, for which all students are eligible as members in either the junior or senior division. One figure and one landscape subject is sent in each fortnight to be criticised by the president, and prizes are awarded to the students getting the highest total of marks during the session.

The Half-hour Sketch Club is a very popular little institution amongst the students, who sketch from 3.30 to 4 o'clock on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, the members taking it in their turn to act as model.

The Spontaneous Sketch Club, of which Mr. Mckeggie is president, is a more ambitious affair, for which both past and present Lambeth students are eligible as members.

The members meet at 4.30 on Mondays, for the purpose of making spontaneous time sketches, which are criticised by the president at 7 o'clock.

Each member writes a subject on a scrap of paper and drops it into a hat. Two slips are drawn out, and the suggestions they contain chalked up on the blackboard for the workers to choose. "A Lady of Quality" and "A Crowded Street" were two subjects recently depicted.

The Landscape Sketching Club

The Landscape Sketching Club is a most popular and delightful affair, under the very popular directorship of Miss Lucy Millett, who has been repeatedly nominated as teacher.

The club meets on Saturdays throughout May, June, and July, at some picturesque spot easily accessible from town. A cottage room is taken as headquarters, and provides for the storing of bicycles and canvases, and as a place for work and shelter in bad weather. Permission to sketch on the neighbouring farm lands is previously obtained.

The fee for the course to Lambeth students is 1 5s, and for non - Lambeth students 2 2s. The work done during the course is criticised by Mr. Mckeggie at the school at the beginning of the autumn session.

The Half hour Sketch Club is a very popular institution. The students them selves take it in turn to act as models

The Half-hour Sketch Club is a very popular institution. The students them-selves take it in turn to act as models