American Elm - " Patriotism." American Linden - " Matrimony." American Starwort - " Joy in old age." Amethyst Flower - " Admiration." Anemone (Field) - " Sickness." This dainty little flower, which blows so freely in the fields and woods in springtime, is often called the " wind flower," because its name is derived from the Greek word " anemos " (" wind "). Hence our word " anemometer," an instrument for measuring the strength and force of the wind. Its other name, 'zephyr-flower," bears the same meaning since zephyr is the poetical name of the west wind. Tradition gives the following story of the origin of this flower. Anemone was a nymph beloved by Zephyr, but Flora, jealous of her rival, banished her from court, and transformed her into a flower. Forsaken by her fickle lover, she next received the unwelcome attentions of Boreas, the blustering north-east wind, who, obtaining no response to his affection, harshly shakes her frail stem, causing the blossoms to unfold and fade before their time. The anemone is sometimes called a fairy flower, because the little people are supposed to paint the crimson veins upon its petals. Anemone (Garden) - " Forsaken." Angelica - " Inspiration." This plant is much used in medicine.

Angree - " Royalty."

Apple - " Temptation."

Apple Blossom - " Fame declares you good and great."

Apple Thorn - " Deceitful charms." This flower, which grows in great profusion in Peru, droops during the day, and revives and unfolds its beautiful large bells at eventide. These magnificent flowers, purple in colour outside and ivory within, attain sometimes a length of 2 feet. It is a dangerous tropical plant, exhaling an attractive, but poisonous and narcotic perfume, and its fruit is fatally injurious.

Apoeynum (Dog's Vane) - " Deceit."

Apricot Blossom - " A secret."

Arbor Vitae (Tree of Life) - "Changeless friendship," or " Live for me."

Arum (Wake Robin) - " Ardour."

Ash-Leaved Trumpet Flower - " Separation."

Ash Tree - " Grandeur."

Aspen Tree - "Lamentation," Tradition says that the Cross was made of the wood of the aspen tree, and ever since its shivering, restless leaves bemoan the part it played in that sorrowful deed of Calvary. " In olden times 'twas ever said, But truth now laughs at fancy's lore, That of this tree the Cross was made, Which once the Lord of Glory bore; And ever since its leaves confess The story of a troubled conscientiousness."