Commence with 8 chain; worked very loosely to measure 3 inches.

1st row. 1 double crochet in 2nd chain from hook, 1 double crochet in each of the following chain; 1 chain. Turn.

2nd row. 1 double crochet in each stitch of previous row, taking up the two top strands throughout the work. Make 1 chain to turn at the end of every row.

Repeat the 2nd row, working backwards and forwards until the strip measures 5 inches, then increase 1 stitch in the centre, making 8 stitches. Work backwards and forwards, making 8 double crochet in each row for 8 inches.

To shape the neck work as follows:

One double crochet in each of the 1st

4 stitches of previous row, 1 slipstitch (into the back thread) in each of the remaining 4 stitches of row, 1 chain to turn, 1 slipstitch in each of the slipstitches just worked, 1 double crochet on each of the 4 double crochet.

Repeat the last 2 rows twelve times, or until the work measures 8 inches, always working double crochet in double crochet, and slipstitch in slipstitch. This contracts the work, making it fit snugly round the neck.

Then work 1 double crochet in each of the 4 slipstitches, 1 double crochet in double crochet, making 8 stitches in the row. Double crochet in double crochet for 8 inches. Decrease 1, making 7 stitches in a row, for a length of

5 inches. Fasten off. Only half a yard of ribbon is required to line the neck, and half a yard of soft satin merv silk ribbon,

6 inches wide, for the silk ornaments. The ribbon is cut into strips, neatly joined, gathered near the ends, to form tufts (as shown in illustration), and placed on the right side of the necklet, which is crossed over and fastened on the left side.

Small rosettes decorate the left side and the ends of the necklet.

The effect of the feather wool is dainty in the extreme, and with care articles made with it will wash well without loss of the distinctive fluffiness.

No soap should be rubbed on the wool, but the article must be soused up and down in hot suds till clean. Do not rub it between the hands at any time. Well rinse in clean water of the same temperature. If there seems a tendency for the wool to turn yellow use a little blue to the rinsing water.

To dry, lightly squeeze in the hand, then place between two clean towels and press as much moisture out as possible without wringing. If a garden is available spread on a clean sheet or towel to dry, taking the article up and shaking it from time to time.

If the drying has to be done indoors, place in front of a fire, and lightly turn the article from time to time till quite dry, taking care that it does not scorch.

A white necklet to match the muff, with rosettes and ribbons of blue satin merv

A white necklet to match the muff, with rosettes and ribbons of blue satin merv