Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough, as it affects young children, is a very dangerous and fatal infectious disease.

In every case parents should, without delay, seek medical advice.

Whooping Cough frequently leads to dangerous and fatal forms of inflammation of the lungs and bronchitis.

Children showing any symptoms of the disease should be warmly clad and kept in a warm but well-ventilated room for at least six weeks. Plenty of pure fresh air should be admitted to the room, which should be kept scrupulously clean.

The patient should be separated from other children for as long as the Whoop continues, and not less than five weeks from the commencement of the Whooping Cough, during which period he must not attend school.

After recovery, the room occupied by the patient should be thoroughly washed with soap and hot water. Bed linen and washable articles used by the patient should if possible be boiled for twenty minutes.

Other children of the same household who have previously had Whooping Cough may attend the Boys' or Girls' Department of Schools; those who have not had the disease must be kept at home for a fortnight, and may then return to school provided they have no cough.

No children from the infected household may attend the Infants' Department of any School until the complete recovery of the patient.


In every case of Measles or suspected Measles, a medical man should be sent for.

Measles is exceedingly fatal amongst young children; all such cases, therefore, require early medical treatment and careful nursing.

Children suffering from the disease should be kept in a well-ventilated and warm room-(temperature 650 F.)

The patient should be separated from all other children for at least three weeks after the appearance of the rash.

The early symptoms of Measles are sneezing, coughing, and watery secretions from eyes and nose.

When the early symptoms appear, the patient should be separated from other children, when, if the disease prove to be Measles, the rash will have appeared.

When the patient has recovered, disinfect the sickroom by washing the floor, walls, and furniture (as far as possible) with soap and hot water. Infected articles of clothing and bedding should be boiled for an hour; and, under medical advice, any such articles may be sent to the Disinfecting Station on application being made to the Medical Officer of Health.

Children who have already had Measles may be allowed to attend the Boys' and Girls' Departments of Schools, but no children living in houses in which there are cases of Measles may attend the Infant Department.


- Persons are liable to a fine of 5 for exposing in the street, or in any public place or conveyance, infected persons and things.

Instructions To Teachers And Parents


Period of exclusion from school of children suffering from the disease.


At least six weeks, and until there is no discharge from the throat, nose, or ears, and no peeling of the skin. A certificate of disinfection will be given by the Medical Officer of Health.


Until throat is reported healthy. Bacteriological examination desirable. A certificate of disinfection will be given by the Medical Officer of Health.


Until scabs have gone and skin is healthy. A certificate of disinfection will be given by the Medical Officer of Health.


Three weeks from appearance of rash.


Until scabs have gone and skin is healthy.


Until cough is completely gone - at least five weeks.


At least three weeks.


Until the child is well. A certificate of disinfection will be given by the Medical Officer of Health.


Until no broken off or diseased hairs can be seen and until a microscopical examination reveals no evidence of the presence of ringworm fungus.

ITCH (Scabies)......

Until all pimples and itching have disappeared.

LICE IN HEAD (Pediculosis Capitas)

Until all vermin have been removed.


Until the eyes have been free from discharge for at least a month.