Croquettes are an attractive form in which to serve leftovers. They are used for a luncheon dish or as an entree at dinner.

The ingredients used in croquettes are usually already cooked and are finely cut up. They are well-seasoned and are bound together with egg, softened bread crumbs, or a thick white sauce made of 2 tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons flour, and 1 cup milk.

The materials which may serve as a foundation are: - Meat - Chicken, Veal, Beef. Fish - Salmon, Lobster, Cod, Oysters. Vegetable - Macaroni, Potato, Squash, Parsnips. Cereal - Rice, Farina. Fruit - Banana, Apple. Egg - Hard cooked, creamed, stuffed. Cheese - With butter, with eggs, with white sauce. The processes involved in making croquettes are mixing, seasoning and binding materials; chilling;shaping - round for cereals, cylindrical for potatoes, pyramid for meats; crumbing, egging and crumbing; frying and draining. See - Directions for cooking in deep fat.

Croquettes may be served with a garnish of parsley, peas, or with sauces - white sauce, tomato sauce, brown sauce, mushroom sauce, or with sweet sauce for fruit croquettes. See recipes for croquettes.