Finnan Haddie, Baked In Milk

Soak finnan haddie in hot water to cover for one hour. Place on a baking pan or platter, sprinkle plentifully with flour, dot with butter and add a dash of pepper. Cover with hot milk and bake until tender, about twenty-five minutes, in a hot oven.

Broiled Finnan Haddie, With Cream Sauce

Soak the finnan haddie for twenty minutes in warm water. Drain and dry thoroughly. Brush with melted butter and broil until brown on both sides. Place on a heated platter, dot with butter and serve, after re-heating an instant in the oven.

Finnan Haddie, With Tomatoes

1 1/2 pounds finnan haddie

2 tablespoonfuls flour

3 tablespoonfuls butter Dash pepper

2 cupfuls tomato juice

2 tablespoonfuls minced green pepper or pimentoes

3 tablespoonfuls minced onion

Scald the finnan haddie, and then boil it gently for thirty minutes. Flake into large bits, carefully removing all the bones. Melt the butter in a saucepan, fry the onion and pepper in it until softened, add the flour and, gradually, the tomato juice. Let it boil, add the fish, and when it becomes very hot serve with plain boiled and seasoned macaroni, spaghetti or noddles.

Finnan Haddie, With Puffed Potato

2 1/2 pounds finnan haddie 3 cupfuls mashed potato 1 egg

Strips Of Bacon, Or Pimentoes Milk

Scald the finnan haddie to freshen it, dry thoroughly and brush with melted drippings. Then broil. Cut in pieces suitable for serving. Have ready three cupfuls of well-seasoned mashed potato, beaten until creamy, whip in the egg yolk, and one egg white beaten stiff, pile onto the fish, brush lightly with milk and garnish with pimento strips, or thin slices of bacon. Set in a hot oven until the bacon is cooked and the potato browned. Serve at once. The garnish may be omitted.

Finnan Haddie, Newbury

2 cupfuls bits of broiled finnan haddie 2 cupfuls milk 2 tablespoonfuls flour 1/4 teaspoonful salt Few grains red pepper 4 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine

2 tablespoonfuls green peppers (minced)

1 tablespoonful pimentoes, minced

3 hard-cooked eggs

1/2 teaspoonful lemon juice

Cook the peppers and pimentoes, until softened, in the butter, then add the flour, hard-cooked egg yolks, and, gradually, the milk. Then turn in the finnan haddie and egg whites, sliced. Let stand to become very hot. Add the lemon juice and serve on buttered toast, or boiled brown rice.