Squirrel Stew

2 gray squirrels, cleaned and disjointed 2 onions diced 1 green pepper, shredded 1 cupful diced celery

1 cupful minced carrots

1/2 cupful brown or uncoated rice

2 tablespoonfuls flour Salt and pepper

Put the squirrels on to simmer in two quarts of boiling water, adding water as it evaporates to keep the amount constant. When tender remove the meat from the bones, crack the bones and return them to the broth to cook an hour longer. Dice the meat, dust it in the flour and set aside. Saute (fry) the vegetables in butter or oleomargarine until soft and yellowed; add to the broth with the rice, a teaspoonful of salt and a little pepper; cook until the rice and vegetables are done. Then add the floured squirrel meat and let it boil about three minutes.

Casserole Of Squirrel

2 gray squirrels cleaned and disjointed 1/2 cupful brown or uncoated rice 2 green peppers, minced

1 1/4 cupfuls celery, diced 1 cupful diced tart apple Salt and pepper Flour

Roll the squirrel sections in the flour, and lay in the casserole; sprinkle with salt and pepper and lay on the rice and some of the vegetables and apple. Continue in this way until all is used, cover with boiling water, and bake gently until the meat is tender, renewing the water occasionally as is necessary. The exact length of time cannot be given, as it depends upon the age of the squirrel.

Pheasant With Oysters

2 1/2 cupfuls cold, cooked pheasant, diced 1 tablespoonful minced green pepper 1 pint small oysters, steamed

3 tablespoonfuls flour 3 tablespoonfuls butter 2 cupfuls cream or rich milk Salt and pepper to taste

Fry the green pepper in the butter, gently, until soft, then add the flour, seasonings, and gradually the cream to make a sauce. Stir in the pheasant, add the oysters and serve on buttered toast, with boiled brown or wild rice.