Asparagus Salad, Christmas Style

30 stalks cooked asparagus 6 hard-cooked egg rings

1/4 teaspoonful salt

2 shredded pimentoes

3 tablespoonfuls olive oil

1 tablespoonful vinegar Few grains cayenne Heart leaves of lettuce Few drops lemon juice

To make the egg rings, hard cook the eggs, cool, then cut in sections crosswise, about one-half inch wide. Only two rings can be obtained from one egg. Beat together the olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and onion juice, and pour over the asparagus. Let stand in a cold place for thirty minutes. Then arrange the stalks in bundles of five, slipping them through the egg rings and arranging on lettuce.

Garnish further with pimentoes, which should be shredded fine. Use the hard-cooked egg yolks for "Old-Time Cookies."

Asparagus Bundle Salad

30 stalks cooked asparagus 2 cupfuls shredded French endive or celery

Radish and French dressing 6 lemon peel rings Watercress or tender radish leaves

Marinate the endive thirty minutes in French dressing. Slip five stalks of asparagus through each lemon ring, and let stand in the radish dressing thirty minutes. Arrange the endive on plates, put the asparagus on this, and pour the remaining radish dressing over each serving. Garnish with cress or tender radish leaves.

Asparagus Luncheon Salad

2 cupfuls cooked fresh or canned asparagus (diced) 2 cupfuls shredded lettuce

2 hard-cooked eggs Boiled dressing Lettuce leaves

Mix together the asparagus and shredded lettuce, with enough dressing to moisten thoroughly. Let chill, arrange on lettuce leaves, and garnish with the hard-cooked eggs and additional dressing.