2 1/2 cupfuls diced cooked chicken

1 cupful diced celery

2 tablespoonfuls olive oil 1 tablespoonful vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste Mayonnaise or boiled oil dressing Garnishings Lettuce

Toss together the celery, chicken, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, and let stand thirty minutes in a cold place, then add enough mayonnaise to bind the mixture. Arrange on a bed of lettuce, spread a little mayonnaise on the top and decorate with stuffed olives, strips of pimento, bits of capers, radish roses, parsley, or any other desired garnish.

Chicken Salad, Individual Service

Prepare chicken salad according to the preceding recipe and arrange for individual service in ramekins, each containing a small heart-leaf of lettuce.

Chicken Salad, Garden Style

2 cupfuls diced chicken

1 cupful cooked string beans

2 tablespoonfuls olive oil Mayonnaise or boiled oil dressing

2 hard-cooked eggs 1 tablespoonful vinegar Lettuce, romaine or cress

Chop the eggs fine, add to the chicken and beans, and pour on the oil. Toss well, add the vinegar and a little salt, and let stand half an hour to season; then bind with the dressing and serve on a bed of the desired salad green.

Manhattan Salad

1 1/2 cupfuls diced cooked chicken

1 cupful diced celery

1/2 cupful diced canned pineapple

Mayonnaise And French dressings Lettuce Ripe olives

Combine the first three ingredients with a little French dressing to moisten, add mayonnaise to bind together, arrange on lettuce and garnish with the ripe olives.