The editor wishes to acknowledge the generous and wholehearted cooperation of those who put at our disposal the beautiful photographs and color plates which appear in this booh.

Armour and Company

The Best Foods, Inc.

Booth Fisheries Corporation

Campbell Soup Company

Canned Salmon Industry

Chicago Flexible Shaft Company

Corn Products Refining Company

Corning Class Works

Fostoria Class Company

Fruit Dispatch Company

Caper Catering Company

General Foods Corporation

Hawaiian Pineapple Company, Ltd.


Institute American Poultry Industries

Irradiated Evaporated Milk Institute

John F. Jelke Company

The Junket Folks

Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company

Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation

Mandel Brothers

Mirro Aluminum

Modern Science Institute

National Dairy Council

National Live Stock and Meat Board

The Palmer House

Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company

Reed and Barton

Sterling Silversmiths Guild of America

Swift and Company

Towle Manufacturing Company

U. S. Bureau Home Economics

West Bend Aluminum Company

Wheat Flour Institute

All color plates, end papers and illustrations on the jacket are by courtesy of

The Carnation Milk Company and Land 0' Lakes Creameries