No. 1 - Roll plain or puff paste thin and cut with a biscuit-cutter. With a smaller cutter remove the centers from one-half of these circles and lay the rings thus made on the whole circles, in this way building a wall around the shell. Bake in a quick oven (400°-450° F.). When these shells are used, small pans are not required. With puff paste, if a deep shell is desired, remove the centers from two circles and lay both rings on top of the uncut circle.

No. 2 - Invert patty pans or muffin tins, cover with crust and bake in a quick oven (400°-450° F.). Patty cases made in this way make very attractive individual pies, a variation from the usual large pies. They may be made ahead of time and warmed in the oven to freshen them. Any pie mixture, fresh or canned fruit, jelly, marmalade, or whipped cream mixed with nuts and fruits may be used for filling. Do not fill the shells until just before they are to be served. The moisture in the filling will soften the crust if they stand too long. Use the cookie cutter for cover decorations.