1 crown of lamb or mutton Salt and pepper

1 recipe Mushroom Stuffing (page 305)

Sliced salt pork

A crown is usually prepared at the market and is made by shaping the ribs (12-15) into a crown and frenching or scraping the rib ends. Season with salt and pepper. Fill center of crown with stuffing. Wrap rib ends with salt pork or bacon slices. Place crown on a rack in an open roasting pan and roast in a moderately slow oven (300° to 3 50°F.) until as well done as desired, allowing 30 to 3 5 minutes per pound. To serve, remove salt pork from rib ends and slip paper frills over them. Allow 2 ribs to each serving.

Variations - Do not stuff. Roast crown upside down without wrapping ribs. To serve, turn right side up and fill center with vegetables: mashed potatoes, potato balls, peas, diced carrots or cooked whole cauliflower.

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