Veal Cutlets. (Joanna Sweeny.')

One slice of veal from the leg. Wipe, and remove the bone, skin, and tough membranes. Pound and cut, or shape into pieces for serving. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roll in fine crumbs, then dip in beaten egg, then in crumbs again. Fry several slices of salt pork, and fry the cutlets brown in the pork fat. When brown, put the cutlets in a stewpan. Make a brown gravy with one tablespoonful of butter, or the fat remaining in the pan if it be not burned, and two heaping tablespoonfuls of flour. Pour on gradually a cup and a half of stock or water. Season with Worcestershire sauce or lemon or horseradish or tomato. Pour the gravy over the cutlets, and simmer forty-five minutes or till tender. Take them out on a platter, remove the fat from the gravy, add more seasoning if needed, and strain over the cutlets. Garnish with lemon and parsley.

Calf's Liver, Braised

Wipe with a clean wet cloth. Lard the rounded side with bacon or salt pork. Fry. one onion in salt pork fat. Put the liver and Med onion in a braising-pan; add hot water or stock to half cover, one teaspoonful of salt, one salt-spoonful of pepper, and one tablespoonful of herbs. Cover, and cook in a moderate oven two hours, basting often. When ready to serve, strain the liquor, season with lemon juice, and pour it over the liver.

Calf's Heart, Braised

Wash, remove the veins and arteries, and stuff with cracker crumbs, seasoned with onion.

• juice, salt, pepper, and herbs, and moistened with butter.

Fig. 30. Calf's Heart.

Fig. 30. Calf's Heart.

Lard with bacon or salt pork. Dredge with salt and flour. Fry one onion in salt pork fat or dripping; brown the meat in the pork fat. Cook it as liver is cooked, by the preceding receipt.

Calf's Head

Scrape and clean a calf's head. Take out the brains and tongue, and put them in cold water. Remove all the dark membrane from the inside, and the gristle around the nose and eyes. Soak two hours in lukewarm water to whiten it. Put the head, tongue, and heart on to boil in cold water, and skim carefully. Add one tablespoonful of herbs tied in a piece of strainer cloth, one tablespoonful of salt, and one saltspoonful of pepper. Pour boiling water over the liver, let it stand ten minutes, and when the head is nearly done, add the liver. When done, take up the head; remove the skin in as nice pieces as possible. Put the pieces of head meat on the platter; lay the skin over them. Cut the heart, tongue, and liver in slices, and place them round the edge of the dish. If the head is to be served with the bones, tie it in a floured cloth, and boil it until tender, but not long enough for the skin to fall off. Serve it plain; or score the top, brush with beaten egg, sprinkle buttered cracker crumbs over it, and brown in the oven. Serve with it a brown sauce piquante, tomato sauce, or brain sauce.

Brain Sauce

Clean the brains, remove the red membrane, and soak in cold water. Put them into one pint of cold water with one tablespoonful of lemon juice and half a teaspoonful of salt. Boil ten minutes; then plunge into cold water. Make one pint of drawn butter sauce; flavor with lemon and parsley; add the brains chopped fine, and when hot serve.

Calf's Head, Minced

Chop what is left of the head, tongue, and liver very fine, and warm it in a sauce made with the meat liquor; season with lemon or horseradish, salt, and pepper.