Beef Alamode (1)

Take about eleven pounds of the mouse buttock, or clod of beef, or a blade-bone, or the sticking-piece, or the like weight of the breast of veal; cut it into pieces of three or four ounces each; put three or four ounces of beef drippings, and mince a couple of large onions, and put them into a large deep stewpan; as soon as it is quite hot, flour the meat, put it into the stew-pan, keep stirring it with a wooden spoon; when it has been on about ten minutes, dredge it with flour, and keep doing so till you have stirred in as much as you think will thicken it; then cover it with boiling water (it will take about a gallon), adding it by degrees, and stirring it together; skim it when it boils, and then put in one drachm of ground black pepper, two of allspice, and two bay leaves; set the panby the side of the fire, or at a distance over it and let it stew very slowly for about three hours; when you find the meat sufficiently tender, put it into a tureen, and it is ready for table.

Beef Alamode (2)

Take the bone out of a small round of fine ox beef, cut some fat bacon in long strips, dip them into common and shallot vinegar mixed, and roll them in the following seasoning: Grated nutmeg, black and Jamaica pepper, one or two cloves, and some salt, parsley, chives, lemon-thyme, notted marjoram, and savoury, shred quite small. Lard the beef very thickly, bind it firmly with tape, and rub the outside with the seasoning. Put it into a saucepan, with the rind of a lemon, four large onions, the red part of thee or four carrots, and two turnips cut into dice; add a tea-cupful of strong ale and one of vinegar; let it stew for six or eight hours, turning it two or three times. Half an hour before serving, take out the beef and vegetables, skim off the fat, strain the sauce, and thicken it with a little flour-and-water mixed smooth, add a tea-cupful of Port wine, return it all into the pot, and let it boil.

Beef Alamode (3)

Take a rump or piece of beef, bone it,.beat it well and lard it with fat bacon, then put it into a stewpan with some rind of bacon, a calf's foot, an onion, carrot, a bunch of sweet herbs, a bay leaf, thyme, a clove of garlic, some cloves, salt, and pepper, pour ever the whole a glass of water, let it stew over a slow fire for six hours at least. A clean cloth should be placed over the stew pan before the lid is put on, which must be carefully closed. When it is done, strain the gravy through a sieve, clear off the fat, and serve.

Beef Aladaube

Take a round, a rump, or a veiny piece of beef, lard it with bacon, half roast it, or fry it brown; put it into a stewpan or a pot that will just hold it; add some gravy, an onion stuck with cloves, half a pint of white wine, a gill of vinegar, a bunch of sweet herbs, pepper cloves, mace, and salt; cover it down very close, let it but just simmer till it is tender, take two ox palates, two sweetbreads, truffles, morels, artichoke bottoms, stew them all together in some gravy, and pour over the beef; have ready some forced meat balls fried, make some long, others round, dip some sippets into batter, fry and cut them three corner ways, and stick them into the meat; lay the balls round the dish.