Beef Alanglaise

Take a rump of beef, or any piece you like better of the same size; tie it up neatly with packthread, and put it into a stewpan with two or three carrots, a parsnip, three or four onions, a bunch of parsley and green onions, a clove of garlic, a bay leaf, thyme, and basil; moisten with some stock or water, season, and let the beef stew gently till half done, then put in a few small cabbages, prepared in the following manner; boil a large cabbage, and having squeezed it perfectly dry, take off" the leaves one by one, and put within each leaf . little veal or other forcemeat, surrounding it with three or four more of the leaves, in such a manner as to form little cabbages, something larger than an egg; tie these with packthread, and let them be stewed with the beef. When the whole is done, clean away the outside loose fat, and put your beef in a dish, cut the little cabbages in half, and place them round the dish, with the cut side outward. Take a little of the stew, strain it through a sieve, and having skimmed oft' the fat, add a little cullis to thicken it. Reduce this over the fire to the consistence of a sauce, serving it over the meat and cabbages.

Beef Balls

Mince very finely a piece of tender beef, fat and lean; mince an onion, with some boiled parsley; add grated bread crumbs, and season with pepper, salt, grated nutmeg, and lemon-peel; mix all together, and moisten it with an egg beaten; roll it into balls; flour and fry them in boiling fresh dripping. Serve them with fried bread crumbs, or with a thickened brown gravy.

Beef Brose

After any large piece of beef has been taken out of the pot it was boiled in, skim off the fat with part of the liquor, and boil it in a saucepan. Have ready in a bowl oatmeal that has been toasted brown before the fire, pour in the boiling liquor and stir it a little; if too thick, add more liquor, and send it to table quite hot.

Beef Baked

Let a buttock of beef which has been in salt about a week, be well washed and put into an earthen pan, with a pint of water; cover the pan tight with two or three sheets of foolscap paper - let it bake four or five hours in a moderately heated oven.

Beef Baked With Potatoes

Boil some potatoes, peel, and pound them in a mortar with one or two small onions; moisten them with milk and an egg beaten up; add a little salt and pepper. Season slices of beef, or mutton chops, with salt and pepper, and more onion, if the flavor is approved; rub the bottom of a pudding dish with butter, and put a layer of the mashed potatoes, which should be as thick as a batter, and then a layer of meat, and so on alternately till the dish is filled, ending with potatoes. Bake it in an oven for one hour.

Beef To Collar

Cut off the end of a brisket of beef, and bone it; sprinkle it with salt and saltpetre, and let it lie a week; mix together some grated nutmeg, Jamaica and black pepper, some chopped lemon thyme, sweet marjoram, and parsley; strew it over the meat, roll it up hard, sew it in a cloth, put it into a large jar of water, tie it closely, and bake it in an oven; take it out of the jar and press it with a heavy weight. When it is quite cold, take off the cloth, and keep it dry.