Beef Ham

Rub a little common salt over a piece of beef of about twenty pounds weight; take out the bone, and in one or two days, rub well into the beef the following ingrethents, finely pounded and well mixed: - two ounces of sal-prunella, four ounces of brown sugar, six ounces of bay salt, one ounce of white pepper, and of cloves and nutmeg, a quarter of an ounce each; then strew over it half a pound of common salt. Let it lie fifteen days, turning it daily. It is then lung up; or when taken out of the pickle, it may be boiled, and allowed to stand till cold in the water in which it was boiled; or it may be baked in a deep dish, covered with a coarse paste.

How To Roast Beef Heart

Wash it well, and clean all the blood carefully from the pipes: parboil it ten or fifteen minutes in boiling water; drip the water from it; put in a stuffing which has been made of bread crumbs, minced suet or butter, sweet marjoram, lemon thyme, and parsley, seasoned with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Put it down to roast while hot, baste it well with butter, froth it up, and serve it with melted butter and vinegar; or with gravy in the dish, and current jelly in a sauce-tureen. To hash it, follow the directions given for hare.

Beef Hung, Burgess's Method Of Boiling

Hung beef for grating should be put on in boiling water, and, to preserve the color, kept boiling as fast as possible. Allow for six pounds of beef one hour and a half. It will keep good for a length of time.

Hunting Beef

Rub well into a round of beef weighing about forty pounds, three ounces of saltpetre; let it stand five or six hours; pound three ounces of allspice, one of black pepper, and mix them with two pounds of salt, and seven ounces of brown sugar. Rub the beef all over with the salt and spices, let it remain fourteen days, and every other day turn and rub it with the pickle; then wash off the spices, and put it into a deep pan. Cut small nearly six pounds of beef suet, put some into the bottom of the pan, but the greater part upon the top of the heel. Cover it with a coarse paste, and bake it eight hours. When cold, take off the crust, and pour off the gravy. It will keto good for three months. Preserve the gravy, as a little of it improves the flavor of hashes, soups, or any made dishes.

Beef Kidney

Take some kidneys, cut them into thin slices, and broil them with a piece of butter, some salt, pepper, parsley, and green onions, and a clove of garlick, the whole should be shred fine; when they are sufficiently done, take them off the fire (they should not broil too long, or they will become tough); add, when you serve them, a few drops of vinegar and a little cullis. Beef kidneys may likewise be served, with shallot sauce, or sauce piquante.

Beef Olives

Cut the beef into long thin steaks; prepare a forcemeat made of bread-crumbs, minced beef suet, chopped parsley, a little grated lemon-peel, nutmeg, pepper, and salt; bind it with the yolks of eggs beaten; put a layer of it over each steak; roll and tie them with thread. Fry them lightly in beef dripping; put them in a stew-pan with some good brown gravy, a glass of white wine, and a little Cayenne; thicken it with a little flour and butter; cover the pan closely, and let them stew gently an hour. Before serving, add a table-spoonful of mushroom catchup; garnish with cut pickles.