Mince Pies (1)

Carefully stone and cut, but not too small, one pound and a half of bloom raisins; cut small half a pound of orange-peel, mince finely half a dozen of middling-sized good apples, a quarter of a pound of sweet almonds, pounded to a paste with a little white wine, half a nutmeg grated, a quarter of an ounce of pepper, one head of clove, and a little cinnamon pounded; one pound and a half of fresh beef suet, finely minced, one pound of good brown su gar; mix all these ingredients extremely well, and add half a pint of white wine, and one glass of brandy. Pack it closely into small stone jars, and tie them over with paper. When it is to be used, add a little more wine.

Mince Pies (2)

Cut the root off a neat's tongue, rub the tongue well with salt, let it lie four days, wash it perfectly clean, and boil it till it becomes tender; skin, and when cold, chop it very finely. Mince as small as possible two pounds of fresh beef suet from the sirloin, stone and cut small two pounds of bloom raisins, clean nicely two pounds of currants, pound and sift half an ounce of mace and a quarter of an ounce of cloves, grate a large nutmeg; mix all these ingredients thoroughly, together with one pound and a half of good brown sugar. Pack it in jars. When it is to be used, allow, for the quantity sufficient to make twelve small mince pies, five finely-minced apples, the grated rind and juice of a large lemon, and a wine-glass and a half of brandy; put into each a few bits of citron and preserved orange-peel. Three or four whole green lemons, preserved in good brown sugar, and cut into thin slices, may be added to the mince meat.

Brandy, Mince Pies

Clean a pound of currants, mince a pound of non- pared apples, and one of fresh beef suet; pound a pound of loaf sugar; weigh each article after being prepared; the peel of two lemons grated, and the juice of one; a quarter of a pound of citron, the same of orange-peel minced. Mix all these ingredients well with a quart of brandy.

Egg Mince Pies

Boil six eggs until they are hard, shred them small; shied double the quantity of suet; then add one pound of currants picked and washed, (if the eggs were large you must use more currants) the peel of one lemon shred very fine, and the juice, six spoonfuls of sweet wine, mace, nutmeg, sugar, a very small quantity of salt, orange, lemon, and citron candied. Make a light paste for them.

Lemon Mince Pies

Weigh one pound of fine large lemons, cut them in half, squeeze out the juice, and pick the pulp from the skins; boil them in water till tender, and pound them in a mortar; add half a pound of pounded loaf sugar, the same of nicely cleaned currants, and of fresh beef suet minced, a little grated nutmeg, and citron cut small. Mix all these ingredients well, and (ill the patty-pans with rather more of the mince than is usually put.