Anglo-Francais Pie

Take a deep dish, line the edge with puff paste like a common pie; stew a quarter of a pound of rice with some sugar until quite soft and sweet; take a pound of ripe juicy cherries, which pick and roll in a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar, and lay about a quarter of them at the bottom of the dish; cover these with a fourth part of the rice, then the cherries again, and so on till your materials are used, taking care to keep the pie high in the middle; cover it with a layer of puff paste, which wash over lightly with some white of egg, and strew a little powder-sugar over; put it in a moderate oven for an hour and a quarter; then take it out, mask the crust with apricot marmalade, and a few macaroons crushed. Serve it either hot or cold.

Apricot Pie

Line a dish with puff paste, and then put in eighteen fine apricots, (cut in halves and the stones taken out,) with four ounces of sugar in powder, and four ounces of butter lukewarm. Then lay on the upper crust, glaze with the white of egg, and strew sifted sugar all over. Let it bake in a moderate oven to a nice light color. Serve it hot. When you wish to serve it cold, you must leave out the butter.

French Pie

Mince some cold roast veal together with a little ham, season it highly with pepper, salt, mace, and lemon-peel; add a large table-spoonful of mushroom ketchup, and a quarter of a hundred of oysters, with their liquor, and three or four table-spoonfuls of rich gravy. Line a dish with puff paste, put in the ingredients, cover the pie, and let it remain in the oven long enough to bake the paste.

Italian Pie

Mix together some chopped thyme, parsley, and one or two sage leaves, some salt, white and cayenne popper; lay into the bottom of a dish some thin slices of lean veal, sprinkle them with the seasoning, and add slices of ham, and a few forcemeat balls; put a layer of seasoned veal, and of ham and forcemeat bails, till the dish is full, and then add the yolks of five hard-boiled eggs, and some good white stock; cover the dish with a puff paste, and bake it for an hour. Before serving, pour in, through a funnel at the centre of the crust, a tea-cupful of rich cream.