Cod Pie

Lay a fine piece of fresh cod in salt for several hours, then wash it well, season it with pepper, salt, nutmeg and mace; place it in a dish, with a little butter and some good stock. Lay a crust over, and bake it; when done, pour in a sauce, made as follows: - a spoonful of stock, a quarter of a pint of cream, flour and butter, grate in a little nutmeg and lemon-peel, and a few oysters, boil the whole once.

Maigre Fish Pies

Salt-fish pie. The thickest part must be chosen, and put in cold water to soak the night before wanted; then boil it well, take it up, take away the bones and skin, and if it is good fish it will be in fine layers; set it on a fish-drain er to get cold: in the meantime, boil four eggs hard, peel and slice them very thin, the same quantity of onion sliced thin; line the bottom of a pie-dish with fish forcemeat, or a layer of potatoes sliced thin, then a layer of onions, then offish, and of eggs, and so on till the dish is full; season each layer with a little pepper, then mix a tea-spoonful of made mustard, the same of essence of anchovy, a little mushroom ketchup, in a gill of water, put it in the dish, then put on the top an ounce of fresh butter broke in bits; cover it with puff paste, and bake it one hour. Fresh cod may be done in the same way, by adding a little salt. All fish for making pies, whether soles, flounders, herrings, salmon, lobster, eels, trout, tench, etc. should be dressed first; this is the most economical way for Catholic families.