2 cups scalded milk cup sugar Yolks 3 eggs teaspoon salt 2 cups thin cream.

Canned quinces.

cup quince syrup.

3 tablespoons orange Curacoa.

1 teaspoon Kirsch.

teaspoon rum.

Make a custard of first four ingredients, strain and cool. Drain canned quince and force some of the pulp through a puree strainer; there should be two-thirds cup pulp. Add to custard, cream, quince pulp and remaining ingredients. Freeze and fill one-pound baking powder boxes, pack in salt and ice and let stand two hours. Color cold water violet. Set fancy ring mould in pail on bed of rock salt and finely crushed ice (using equal parts) and fill mould with the colored water. Add salt and ice until it comes nearly to top of mould and let stand until ice is nearly melted. If by this time water is not sufficiently frozen to form a shell, repack. Invert ice shell and drain off water. Put on a folded napkin on serving dish and surround with slices cut from mould of ice cream, sprinkled with candied violets. Have ready a circular piece of cardboard of correct size to fit ring mould. Cut down three small candles, melt bottoms and place at regular intervals on cardboard. Light candles just before sending to table. The effect is heightened when the room is darkened.

Lighted Ice Cream.

Lighted Ice Cream. - Page 294.

Chantilly Mousse

1 pint heavy cream 1/2 cup sugar.

Few grains salt 10 drops Hudnut's essence of violet.

2 cups meringues, broken in pieces.

Beat cream until stiff, using a Dover egg beater. Remove beater and add remaining ingredients. Turn into a mould, filling to overflowing, adjust cover, pack in finely crushed ice and rock salt (using equal parts) and let stand four hours. Remove to serving dish and garnish with candied violets and angelica.

Grape Fruit Cocktail With Mint Balls

Remove pulp from grape fruit and cut sections in pieces, Sprinkle with powdered sugar and chill in ice box. Serve in double cocktail glasses and garnish each with three small balls made of Creme de Menthe Ice (see p. 281) and three green leaves.

Grape Fruit Cocktail with Mint Balls.

Grape Fruit Cocktail with Mint Balls. - Page 295.

Coupe Moquin

Make an orange ice mixture (see The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 435) and freeze to a mush; then add two tablespoons Creme de Menthe cordial and continue the freezing. Serve in champagne or coupe glasses and garnish with Bar-le-duc Currants, candied orange peel and fresh mint leaves.

Hamburg Grape Coupe

Beat yolks of seven eggs until thick and add three-fourths cup sugar, one-eighth teaspoon salt, one quart thin cream and three tablespoons Sherry wine. Freeze and fill coupe glasses two-thirds full of mixture and pipe Lemon Ice around edge, by forcing through a pastry bag and tube. Fill cavity with Hamburg grapes from which skins and seeds have been removed.